The Limits of Technology

Just as a note — I will work on updating posts as I go, but on the trail there can be areas where it will be several days of little or no cell service.  I’ll upload my posts (hopefully in chronological order) as soon as I get service…so, if you’ve signed up to follow my blog (thank you!), you may find yourself getting nothing for days and then suddenly inundated with new posts.

Also, if you would like to make a comment (and I hope that you do), I have to “approve” them first before you will see them go through and show up on the website…it’s just a way the website helps to control spam.  Once I “approve” you (and rest assured I will), then all your future comments, questions, concerns will show up without further delay.

Also, be advised that sometimes you may see advertisements at the end of each post…I don’t have any control over these (except to pay more money for an upgraded version of the WordPress program, which I’m sorry to say I won’t be doing), so I apologize in advance for any annoying ads.  That’s just life in our age.

Thanks for reading.


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